In the prestigious London district of Mayfair a small store called „Watches of Mayfair“ is located. Most of the store’s activity comes from online sales of their luxury watches. Nowadays it is mainly a showroom and a pick up point for online orders.

That’s why together with our clients we agreed that Watches of Mayfair should be concentrated on the client experience. The moment of buying sophisticated watches is very unique and should be itself a wonderful experience. The store interior should prolong this moment of curiosity, excitement and happiness.

Clients should have an impression that the elegance, simplicity and good taste of the interior complements the purchase experience.

The store itself already makes a strong impression thanks to its James Bond-like cabin, elegant elevation and screens installed in shopwindow. Watches are classic heritage of confidence and they are central to this interior project. Reception provides an elegant, but simple background with the main attraction being the product and its luxurious appeal.

Our main concept was to cover all the walls with “secret victorian paneling” designed by our Studio. What is the secret? Behind the panels we hide functional bespoke furnitures, such as cupboards, doors, umbrella storage, radiators and all the other requested elements. With such a simple background, we decided to use bold dark grey colour on the walls and floor. It added more of a secret look, giving an air of mystery and making customers curious to come inside and explore. Thanks to a strong background, all the central elements to the interior became more visible and highlighted.

Watches of Mayfair store is selling luxury products, that is why we found some classical and sophisticated designer furnitures such as Cesca chair designed by Marcel Breuer, Le Deun lamps with its circles reminding of technology behind the mechanics of watches and 1930′ ottoman stool from France to bring a bit of an extra vintage vibe.

Those elements of light, colours, high quality materials, comfortable furnitures and scents all together provide that exquisite shopping experience and made this boutique unique!


Photographer: Tom Kurek

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