In this transformative project, we first crafted a brand-new space layout. Additionally, we meticulously chose materials, furniture, and decorations to complement the house’s existing elements.

One significant hurdle was revamping the previously disproportionate and inefficient layout. Consequently, our vision became clearer.

Striking a balance between modern and vintage became our blueprint for a unified and inviting space. Furthermore, our client, a vintage enthusiast, boasted an extensive collection of antique treasures.

Central to our design was the 1850’s sideboard—a cherished heirloom from the client’s grandmother. This majestic piece inspired our color palette, and as a result, its vitrine tones set the mood throughout the home.


We strategically positioned the sideboard so it could command views from the hall, kitchen, dining, and living areas. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the fixtures neatly align with the chest’s top tier and worktop. Thus, a harmony emerged.

A unifying green-grey hue adorns each living space, creating a consistent theme.

In the living room, a grand piano takes center stage. Surrounding it, cabinets of curiosities artistically encircle, enhancing its prominence.

For the backdrop, we opted for a neutral fusion of gentle walls and minimalist furniture. This choice, in turn, lets the vintage elements shine brilliantly. Indeed, vintage thrives here!


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