When eclecticism meets contemporary.

The classic Parisian apartment located in the heart of Paris Madeleine was acquired by our clients in a very bad condition and had to undergo a complete renovation in order to restore its original features. Clients’ wish was to combine a classic Haussmannian style with a dose of eclecticism and contemporary design. Ola Jachymiak Studio designed and supervised the integrity of works in 2020, completing the project in early 2021.

Owners of this 140sqm, 3-bedroom apartment decided on purchase regardless of the bad condition of the premises and chose Ola Jachymiak Studio to completely rearrange the space and coordinate all the works. The brief was clear: harmonious combination of classic Haussmannian style with contemporary design, personalised with travel souvenirs and objects that clients gathered over the years. As a result, a joint decision was made to  slightly change the layout of the space and to keep or, if necessary, restore as many original features of this apartment as possible. These include a herringbone parquet, French doors, fireplaces with mirrors and traditional cornices. It was a challenge as these days it is quite difficult to copy details such as moldings, which in this case were essential due to layout changes.

Layout of the apartment was completely adapted to the needs of our clients: bathrooms   were added next to the bedrooms, the living room got enlarged and most importantly, the new  space arrangement provided a lot of luminosity between the rooms which optically enlarged the space. In terms of colour palette, clients wanted an interior in contrasting colours – black and white, but warmed with some soft tones. The main softening colour is the one of an authentic, restored floor. Its dark, strong shade adds character to the whole space.

Despite the layout being rearranged, some traditional elements of a Parisian bourgeois house have been kept and highlighted, such as the entrance space. It leads to different parts of the house but also has its own purpose: two walls of the stylish space are covered with a custom-sized library. Next to the bespoke shelving system there is an original black marble fireplace and where a cosy reading area was arranged. From the library-entrance space one can access a couple of rooms: living area with an open kitchen, a guest bathroom, a guest bedroom and a laundry room.

To bring out the entrance to the living room, its original door was painted black which visually emphasises the central character of this area. Entering the spacious living area one can not overlook the modern black kitchen with a low island, topped with elegant Carrara marble. On the opposite side of the living space, there is an original fireplace with a large mirror reflecting the modern kitchen area.

Hidden behind the living room, the master bedroom is mainly decorated with moldings mounted on the walls and custom-made built-in furniture, which make it less overpowering. Another beautiful fireplace

From the master bedroom, one can enter the master bathroom and walk-in closet. Its hidden doors consist yet another element that creates an illusion of clean, seemless space in the bedroom. The all-black bathroom contrasts with the brightness of the bedroom and creates an unique, intimate atmosphere, whereas white Victorian sanitaries and chrome faucets stand out in this elegant space.

At Ola Jachymiak Studio we strongly believe in celebrating the architectural heritage and therefore we tried to keep as many authentic elements as possible. As they are the main aesthetic value of this project, the remaining parts of this project are rather simple, yet with some surprises, such as hidden entrances to various rooms and modern buildings. The final result is a perfect combination of classical Parisian style with contemporary elegance.


Photographer: Anastasia Abramova-Guendel

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