Step into the remarkable world of the 300 sqm house, meticulously renovated by our studio in 2022. Located in the charming neighborhood of Chiswick, London, this house exudes the timeless allure of mid-century spirit, thanks to the previous refurbishment by helm architecture. Our mission was to embrace this inherent charm and infuse the space with bespoke furniture, while seamlessly adapting the layout to suit the new family’s needs.

With a passion for functionality and design, we crafted a solution that effortlessly blends practicality with aesthetics. Discover hidden desks discreetly tucked behind massive wooden doors, revealing a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency for the family’s daily tasks.

The house now boasts a stunning cinema room, a sanctuary for entertainment and relaxation. Designed to exude comfort and sophistication, it invites moments of joy and togetherness for the whole family.

Our attention to detail extended to the office space, enveloped in the warmth of wood to create an inviting and inspiring ambiance. This carefully curated space embodies charm and productivity, offering an ideal environment for creativity to thrive.

We’ve taken every opportunity to maximize storage throughout the house, ensuring that each area is thoughtfully organized to create a clutter-free environment, promoting peace and tranquility in every corner.

One of the standout features of this renovation is the exquisite staircase, adorned with a semi-round custom-made design balustrade. This architectural masterpiece adds an artistic flair to the house, inviting guests to marvel at its beauty while serving as a central focal point that seamlessly connects the different levels.

Every aspect of this renovation was thoughtfully considered to maintain the essence of mid-century charm while introducing bespoke elements that resonate with the family’s unique tastes and lifestyle. From the seamless integration of functionality to the graceful interplay of wood and design, every detail was meticulously tailored to bring out the best in this exceptional house.

Step into this captivating interior design project, where mid-century charm meets contemporary elegance, and be inspired by a home that embraces the past and future with equal grace.

Welcome to the 300 sqm house in Chiswick, London, where timeless beauty and bespoke design unite in harmony.


Photographer: Simon Carruthers

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