Imagine stepping into a Parisian apartment that seamlessly blends the timeless charm of old-world elegance with the chic sophistication of retro 60s design and modern comforts. This vision is brought to life by Ola Jachymiak Studio in their renovation project in Paris’s 9th arrondissement. Preserving the apartment’s original features, such as the creaking parquet floors, tall wooden doors, and windows offering views of Hausmannian buildings, Ola’s team aimed to honor and enhance these elements while infusing the space with a fresh, contemporary spirit.

Reviving the Past

Ola Jachymiak’s approach to this renovation was to retain as much of the existing charm as possible. The floors and original doors were meticulously restored, maintaining the apartment’s historical essence. Ola’s philosophy revolves around making art accessible and fostering a deep connection between people and crafted objects. This led her to transform her home into a Gallery Liaison, echoing the tradition of old art salons. The first artist featured in this unique gallery space is Kornel Zezula, an Ecole des Beaux-Arts graduate whose melancholic, abstract paintings with their dark palettes perfectly complement the apartment’s ambiance, adding depth and muted joy to various corners.

Blending Retro with Modern

For new elements, Ola carefully selected pieces that would harmonise with the apartment’s existing features. She discovered a black-and-white chessboard mosaic that now graces the entrance and bathroom, while the walls throughout the apartment are painted in an off-white, beige, and greyish palette to evoke a retro vibe. Bespoke furniture pieces were also crafted to seamlessly blend the new with the old.


Heart of the Home: Dining Room and Kitchen

The centrepiece of the renovation is the dining room and kitchen, spaces Ola believes are the heart of any home. Aiming for a calming, warm ambiance, she incorporated wooden elements inspired by her connection to the mountains. To add a touch of Parisian chic, she installed wooden moulding on the wood panels. The dining area features a large table sourced from a nearby gallery, paired with an architectural, inspired by Japan lamp overhead. The industrial stainless steel kitchen is cleverly concealed behind sliding wooden doors with mouldings, maintaining the aesthetic harmony.

Adjacent to the dining area are two distinct rooms. The Japanese room, with its wooden paneling and wooden, rhythmically installed dividers inspired by Ola’s travels to Japan, serves as a mini salon and reading room, also housing part of the art collection. The official living room is a bright, modern space that contrasts with the rest of the apartment. Here, two large windows frame a Camaleonda sofa, vintage “Pac-Man” coffee table, and Pierre Paulin chairs, creating a symmetrical layout. This room showcases a blend of French accents, retro, and modern furniture, enhanced by Zezula’s art.

The entrance hall features striking black-and-white marble tiles that harmonise with the existing doors and newly inspired cabinet facades. This space sets the tone for the rest of the apartment, merging classic and contemporary elements seamlessly.

In the private areas of the apartment, the master bedroom boasts a modern canopy bed paired with decorative mouldings on the ceiling and walls. Custom-designed cupboards enhance the room’s elegance. The master bathroom, a true masterpiece, features a centrally placed bathtub by the window, illuminated by a hanging Tom Russeau lamp. Victorian-inspired bathroom fixtures in a nickel finish complement the Farrow and Ball wall colors, creating a luxurious yet coherent space.

Ola Jachymiak Studio’s renovation in Paris’s 9th arrondissement is a testament to the harmonious blend of historical charm and modern elegance. By preserving and enhancing original features while integrating contemporary design elements, Ola has created a timeless and inviting home that celebrates both the past and the present.



Photography: BCDF Studio

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