About our Studio

At Ola Jachymiak Studio we pride ourselves on being a client focused business delivering projects to the highest standards. We thrive on tailoring every project to the client’s vision and desires while conducting thorough analysis of both the aesthetic and formal requirements of the project. Respecting the aerial space and the architectural integrity of the property is one of our key focus points.

The soul of each space is of paramount importance to us, hence one of our objectives is to understand it and develop a project where perfect balance between the space and functionality can be found. All of that while focusing on client’s lifestyle and aesthetic cravings.
To ensure perfection, we prioritise top quality suppliers and craftsmen with real know-how and professionalism. During the project we perform regular on-site visits to ensure that timelines are met and the project is kept within the budget.
Based in London, we have extensive experience in various residential and commercial projects delivered across London, Paris and Warsaw.


About Ola Jachymiak

Having graduated from a technical interior design university in Gliwice, Poland, Ola decided to move to Paris, where she worked for a prominent design studio for 5 years.

In 2013 she started her own Design Studio powered by her desire to work with clients in a more direct and personal manner. She wanted to move away from being just another designer in a big interior design studio and create a place where she could treat each project as a haute couture work.
Ola prides herself on being immersed and present at all stages of the studio’s project. Starting from completely changing the layouts of the aerial space throughout the choice of a wallpaper, furniture and even tableware.
Now living in London, Ola is successfully continuing her work and commitment to bring excellency and custom made approach to all her clients.