In the heart of Paris, on the Rue du pas de la Mulle, on the famous Place de Vosges, a young Italian/French couple decided to open their dreamy restaurant.
We worked on the conceptual project, where we created a more functional dining-commercial place.
In the dining area, we decided to place a large bench, along with a few two-person tables, which can be easily combined together, to accommodate client’s demand.
The bar space is the centre stage, with the Italian owner playing the main role. The both vintage Faema e61 coffee machine and ham slicer added a real Italian spirit to the interior.
We completely changed an old vitrine by installing folding doors, which in the future could easily be converted to serve "take away".
All materials are as original as possible, like the limestone brick we utilized, which was previously used to build this site centuries ago.
The visual identification was created by Gregory Temple Tate.