Buying jewellery is like a journey, it starts with a desire and eventually changes into a beautiful story. Boutiques play a translucent connector role between these two.

Finding the perfect jewellery is a dream coming true, a symbol of passion and self discovery.
We believe it is crucial for a jewellery store to highlight this moment. The visual aspect must be a perfect balance of a great vibe, breathtaking merchandise and a sense of intimacy.
This concept became a reality in 2016, when our Studio took over a boutique project for the Turkish jewellery brand Tibelya. The challenge was to find equilibrium between the commercial aspect and the alluring fantasy feeling for its customers. We combined french simplicity and turkish opulence with the perfect location, on the 6th ARR. The different cultures bonded to create an innovative aesthetic language, where tradition looks to the future and design meets dream.
Decoration: use of warm materials and the different spotlights kept the main focus on the display cases, so the jewellery would stand out. Minimalistic character, in the spatial layout highlighted the product’s quality but also uplifted the environment with a sense of modern elegance.
Chandelier: unique, almost a self invitation to the store. The seating lounge was centered, to allow the clientele to freely chose the products from every angle.
Displays: designed to maximize visibility and brightness.