Vintage in the country

This holistic project involved the design of a completely new space layout, as well as searching for perfect materials, furniture, decorations and tableware to match the already existing elements of the house.
The key challenge concerning this project was to improve the layout, which was not functional and proportional.
Balance on the interior between contemporary and retro was the key to achieve the effect of a coherent and welcoming space.
Passionate about vintage, the client possessed a vast selection of old trinkets and furniture.
The main focus of the project was how to include the sideboard,(from the 1850’s) which belonged to the client’s grandmother, and how to place harmoniously within the aerial space. To create this harmony, the tones represented on the sideboard’s vitrine were used as the colour mood for the house.
The sideboard was placed in the central part of the space in order to be visible from the hall, kitchen, dining room and living room.
The kitchen fittings are aligned with the worktop and top part of the chest of drawers.
Green-grey glazing colour is a common element of all of the living spaces.
In the the living room, the stage feeling is given by it’s main actor, the grand piano and the cabinets of curiosities, which were rearranged around it to create that effect.
A neutral background consisting of the combination of soft walls and
minimalist furniture in order to exhibit retro elements of the interior.
Long live the vintage!